It’s probably the best qualification for the Lombardo family who excel in winemaking since 4 generation from Sicily to Tunisia and France. After having left their winery on the coast of Utica, near Carthage, Tunisia, Marc and Joseph Lombardo felt in love with le Château le Devoy Martine. Exceptional terroirs in the Lirac Appellation, that allow them to continue their know-how on a Cru of the Côtes du Rhône since 1947.

The estate, anciant stronghold controlling the Royal Way of Lirac joining Avignon and Uzès, was owned by the Earl of Martine in the 13th century. The Earl left to the crusade and never came back, from that period, the old water well in the vines keeps secretly all the stories of the domain and its different owners.

In 1968, the domain was mainly woods and scrubland but the terroir underneath, promiss of outstanding wines, was waiting. It emerged owing to the perseverance and self abnegation of the 2 brothers.
45 years later, the tradition continues. Since 2008, Marc was joined by his daughter Veronique who preserves the tradition of fine and elegant winemaking.